To-Go Window

How does it work?

  • Beers are announced Monday at noon on Instagram, Facebook and here.

  • Pre-ordering also opens Monday at noon but is not required.

      NOTE - When pre-ordering allocations run out, beer is still available for drive up purchase.

  • Beers are available for in person purchase on Thursday at 2. 

  • The To-Go Window is open Thursday 2-9pm, Friday 2-10pm, Saturday 11am-9pm, and Sunday 11am-6pm. 

  • Please follow the traffic pattern in the map at the bottom of this page, in Darcy and out Jefferson. We do this to keep traffic off New Park Avenue.  If there is a line of cars, please line up in your car and pull up/come to the To-Go window one at a time to maintain social distancing. 

  • For everyone’s safety all transactions are contactless - we have built a custom plexiglass to-go door with slide out window and have lined our bar with plexiglass to maintain physical distancing.

  • No cash transactions at this time.


Where can I check beer availability updates?

If a beer runs out during service we do our best post an update in the comments section of the Facebook and Instagram Monday posts, as well as Twitter.

Do I have to pre-order? How long will it take? Is there usually a wait?

You do not have to pre-order, we allocate plenty of beer for drive up purchases. Our average transaction time is < 1 minute. We often have lines on release days (Thursday), particularly for new beers. If you are calculating whether you have time to wait, 1 minute per car is a good estimate. Lines tend to run shorter on non-release days (Friday-Saturday).


Can someone else pick-up my pre-order?

Sure just add that to the order notes and make sure they bring a valid ID.

Can I buy other beer when I pick-up my pre-order?

Sure. Beer is available by the 4-pack at the window and in our taproom.

Can I buy merch?

Yes we have merch, glassware and gift cards available at the To-Go window. Gift cards are also available for online purchase.