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Blend #2 of Elmwood Cider has been aging in neutral French oak barrels since last fall. It has been resting in bottles for 3 months and is now ready to drink. 


We sourced apples from Poverty Lane orchard in Lebanon NH. Steve and team grow a wide variety of heirloom cider apples with great care.

Apple varieties include Somerset Redstreak, Major, Ellis Bitter, Ashton Bitter, False Yarlington, Harry Masters Jersey, and Bramley's Seedling.


We added local wildflower honey and fermented naturally with yeast from the apple skins in combination with Sauvignon Blanc yeast. We bottled this cider almost still with very light carbonation. We feel it allows the flavors to come through in the best way. 


We get notes of freshly baked apples, pie spice, toasted almond, floral honey, with a bright acidity and a long finish. 7%, $20 per 750ml bottle. 

Elmwood Cider Blend #2 7% (750ml Bottle)

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