8 x 16oz cans of Headband, our Double IPA brewed with malted wheat and Munich malt. Hopped with three varieties of American and Australian hops. Big flavors of tangerine, papaya, and orange juice. 8.0%.


8 x 16oz cans of Expression Three, an IPA brewed with soft red wheat flakes and malted white wheat. Hopped with Citra and Motueka. Flavors of mango flesh, fresh zested lime, and ruby red grapefruit juice. 6.2%.


8 x 16oz cans of Blender Black and Blue, a Berliner Weisse hopped with Mosaic and conditioned on massive amounts of blackberries, black currants, and blueberries. Big flavors of mixed berry cobbler and tart yogurt complexity with a pleasing wheat finish. 5.0%. ***Please note that there is a large amount of fruit in this beer, and these cans must remain cold at all times.***

Medley Case : Headband | Expression 3 | Black and Blue

  • 1 per case type, 3 cases total

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