Cypress: Barrel Aged Barley Wine 13.5% Cypress was brewed with a huge double mash of Maris Otter malt, and boiled for an extended period of time. It was then laid to rest in Booker’s bourbon barrels for over a year. We get notes of sticky toffee, rich caramel, bourbon soaked figs, and vanilla wafer. $8(8oz)

Ferrous: Coffee Imperial Stout 9.0% Ferrous: Finca La Chalumnada is our coffee imperial stout brewed with a delicious batch of single-origin coffee from Guatemala, roasted by J. Rene Coffee in West Hartford. Notes of fig, pear, and cacao nibs from this medium roast blend perfectly with our rich base stout. $8(12oz)

Tunnels: DIPA 8.2% Tunnels is brewed with huge amounts of fluffy wheat and oats, and loaded with two of our very favorite hops from New Zealand and America. Extremely soft and completely saturated with flavors of cantaloupe panna cotta, weed infused gummy bears, and lime sherbet. $8(12oz)

Headband: DIPA 8.0% Headband is brewed with malted wheat and Munich malt. Hopped with three varieties of American and Australian hops. Big flavors of tangerine, papaya, and orange juice. $8(12oz)

Elmwood: Cider 7.0% We sourced heirloom cider apple varieties from Poverty Lane Orchards in Lebanon, NH, and blended to balance acidity, bitterness, sugar content, and aromatics. Apple varietals include Wickson, Ellis Bitter, Ashton Bitter, Yarlington Mill, and Dabinett. We added local wildflower honey and fermented naturally with yeast from the apple skins in a combination of French oak barrels and stainless steel. We get notes of white peach, gooseberry, mango, pie spices, and a pleasing minerality on the finish. This cider is “natural” and was made with minimal intervention. There are no added sulfites.  $30(750mL bottle)

Cloudscape: IPA 6.5% Cloudscape is brewed with malted and flaked wheat. Hopped with generous amounts of one of our favorite American varieties. Notes of grapefruit and melon with a fluffy wheat finish. $6(12oz) $8(16oz)

Amarelle: Barrel Aged Cherry Sour 6.5% For this project, we blended three different barrels between one and two years of age to produce a flavor profile that would complement the beautiful Montmorency cherries that this beer was aged upon. Quite tart with notes of lush cherry pie, complex farmhouse funk, and cranberry juice.  $8(8oz)

Heather: IPA 6.2% Heather was inspired by the clean, pine and grapefruit forward beers of a well respected Vermont brewery. Brewed with Pilsner malt and flaked wheat, and hopped with a careful blend of trusty varietals. Notes of grapefruit zest, honeydew melon, and fresh pine needles. $6(12oz) $8(16oz)

Snug: American Brown Ale 6.2% Snug is brewed with a variety of our favorite dark malts, and fermented cold. The perfect beer for this time of year. Notes of graham cracker, maple syrup, and toasty bread, with a balanced herbal bitterness. $5(12oz) $7(16oz) $10(Growlers for to go only)

Schwarzbier: Dark Lager 6.0% Schwarzbier is a style originating in Germany. It's brewed with a plethora of specialty dark malts, but lacks the roasty bitterness of a stout. We cold conditioned (lagered) this one for 16 weeks! Crisp, clean, and crushable, but sturdy enough for winter. Notes of freshly baked gingerbread, chocolate covered almonds, dried figs, and gentle lager esters. $6(0.5L) $11(1L)

This & That: Czech-Style Pilsner 5.2% This & That, is cold fermented and lagered for many weeks. Hopped entirely with Czech Saaz. We get notes of bready pilsner malt, fresh cut flowers, white tea leaves, and soft minerality. $6(0.5L) $11(1L)

Setbreak: Pale Ale 5.5% Setbreak is a Nelson Sauvin Pale Ale. We brewed this one with Pilsner, malted white wheat, flaked wheat, and flaked oats. Dry hopped with generous amounts of Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand. Flavors of white grape, gooseberry, lychee, and green mango. $6(12oz) $8(16oz)

Blender Festivus: Berliner Weisse 5.0% Blender Festivus is hopped with Mosaic and conditioned on massive amounts of cherries, raspberries, cranberries, and cinnamon. Huge flavors of cherry pie, raspberry yogurt, and spiced cranberry sauce. $8(12oz)