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Blender Kiliki Fruited Berliner Weisse 5.0% Blender Kiliki is our tiki-inspired Berliner Weisse, hopped with Mosaic and conditioned on massive amounts of pineapple, tangerine, and passionfruit. Big flavors of tropical punch, tangerine, and island breeze. $6.5(8oz) $8.5 (12oz)

Blender Brunch Fruited Berliner Weisse 5.0% Blender Brunch is a Berliner Weisse hopped with Mosaic and conditioned on massive amounts of tangerines and a touch of cranberries. Huge flavors of fresh squeezed tangerine juice, mimosas at brunch, and tart cranberry jam. 5.0%, $23 per 4-pack. $6.5(8oz) $8.5 (12oz)

This & That Czech Pilsner 5.2%  A Pilsner that was cold fermented and lagered for many weeks. Hopped entirely with Czech Saaz, we get notes of bready pilsner malt, fresh-cut flowers, white tea leaves, and soft minerality. $6.5(half liter) $11.5(full liter)

June: Witbier 5.5% June is a witbier brewed in the traditional method with 50% flaked raw wheat. Light additions of lemon peel, orange peel, and coriander add wonderful botanical notes to this creamy and refreshing wheat ale. $4.5(8oz) $5.5(12oz) $7.5(16oz)

Perisica: Barrel Aged Sour 5.7% We selected barrels of mixed fermentation Grisette to create a blend with balanced acidity and funk while remaining refreshing and drinkable. We took a day to process 300 lb of Connecticut peaches and let the beer go through secondary fermentation on the fruit. $8.5(8oz)

Cloudscape: IPA 6.5% Cloudscape is an IPA brewed with malted and flaked wheat, Hopped with generous amounts of one of our favorite American varieties. Notes of grapefruit and melon with a fluffy wheat finish$5.5(8oz) $6.5(12oz) $8.5(16oz)

Wavelength: IPA 7.0% Wavelength is brewed with Pilsner malt, white wheat malt, flaked wheat, and flaked oats. It was hopped with huge amounts of our selected Citra and an especially pungent lot of 2023 Galaxy. Big flavors of fresh squeezed orange juice, pineapple, and passionfruit dominate.   $5.5(8oz) $6.5(12oz) $8.5(16oz)

Double Cloud: DIPA 8.0% Double Cloud is a double IPA brewed with white wheat malt, flaked wheat, and flaked oats. Super saturated with one of our favorite American hop varieties. A fluffy citrus creamsicle. $6.5(8oz) $8.5(12oz)

Spectrum: DIPA 8.0% Spectrum is a Double IPA brewed with white, red, and flaked wheat. Heavily hopped with two of our favorite American and Australian hops. Notes of crushed concord grape, dank pineapple, and passionfruit. $6.5(8oz) $8.5(12oz)

Ferrous: Imperial Coffee Stout 9.0% Ferrous is our Coffee Imperial Stout, brewed with coffee by our friends  at @jrenecoffee in West Hartford. This batch uses Indian Estate beans, contributing beautifully potent yet refined notes of hazelnut and nougat, complimenting the dark  chocolate brownie flavors of our stout. $6.5(8oz) $8.5(12oz)

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