Cardigan: DIPA 8.5% Cardigan is brewed with red, white, and flaked wheat. Heavily hopped with Cashmere. Big flavors of exotic tropical fruit, coconut, and tangerine. $8(12oz)


Tunnels: DIPA 8.2% Tunnels is brewed with huge amounts of fluffy wheat and oats, and loaded with two of our very favorite hops from New Zealand and America. Extremely soft and completely saturated with flavors of cantaloupe panna cotta, weed infused gummy bears, and lime sherbet. $8(12oz) 


Cloudscape: IPA 6.5% Cloudscape is brewed with malted and flaked wheat. Hopped with generous amounts of one of our favorite American varieties. Notes of grapefruit and melon with a fluffy wheat finish. $6(12oz) $8(16oz)

Porridge: Oatmeal Milk Stout 6.0% Porridge is brewed with a plethora of roasted and caramel malts, huge amounts of raw flaked oats, and a touch of milk sugar. Flavors of dark chocolate milk, oatmeal, and caramel with a subtle smokey finish. $6(12oz) $8(16oz)


Expression 26: Pale Ale 5.8% Expression 26 is brewed with flaked oats and flaked wheat, and hopped with New Zealand Waiti, Citra, and Mosaic. Notes of kaffir lime leaf, tangerine, and wild blueberries. $6(12oz) $8(16oz)

Märzen: Oktoberfest-style Lagerbier 5.7% Märzen originated in Bavaria. Typically brewed in March to be lagered for several months, then served in October. Brewed with large amounts of dark Munich malt as well as other specialty malts, and balanced with noble hop varieties. Notes of toffee pudding, dark fruit, raisin cereal, and cider doughnuts. $6(0.5L) $7(1L)


Blender Brunch: Berliner Weisse 5.0% Blender Brunch is hopped with Mosaic and conditioned on massive amounts of tangerines and a touch of cranberries. Huge flavors of fresh squeezed tangerine juice, mimosas at brunch, and tart cranberry jam. $8(12oz)

Blender Rollup: Berliner Weisse 5.0% Blender Rollup is hopped with Mosaic and conditioned on massive amounts of strawberries, peach, and cherry. Big flavors of old school fruit rollups, strawberry-cherry shortcake, and peach nectar. $8(12oz)