Ferrous: Coffee Imperial Stout 9.0% Ferrous Burundi uses beans sourced from the Ngozi province, Burundi. The coffee was Natural dried in the fruit on raised beds in the sun and roasted by our friends @jrenecoffee in West Hartford. This beautiful medium roast contributes notes of blueberry, wild honey, pineapple, and cherry to our rich base stout. $8(12oz)

DIPA 8.0% Headband is brewed with malted wheat and Munich malt. Hopped with three varieties of American and Australian hops. Big flavors of tangerine, papaya, and orange juice. 

DIPA 8.0% Laurel is brewed with Munich malt and white wheat malt. Irresponsibly hopped with three of our favorite American varieties. Big flavors of orange juice, lychee, grapefruit, and pine forests. 

Cloudscape: IPA 6.5% Cloudscape is brewed with malted and flaked wheat. Hopped with generous amounts of one of our favorite American varieties. Notes of grapefruit and melon with a fluffy wheat finish. $6(12oz) $8(16oz)

IPA 6.3% Lumin is brewed with flaked oats and flaked wheat. Generously hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Citra. Notes of white grape, lemongrass, and citrus. $6(12oz) $8(16oz)

Little Cloud:
Little IPA 5.5% We brewed this one to be extremely crushable, while still retaining a fluffy mouthfeel and full flavor profile. We used large amounts of flaked wheat, flaked oats and pilsner malt in the mash. Balanced additions of our favorite American hop result in flavors of lemon meringue, white tea, jasmine flowers, and white grape juice. $6(12oz) $8(16oz)

Vienna: Lager 5.0% Our Vienna-style lager is brewed predominantly with toasty Vienna malt and hopped with Sterling. Notes of toasted brioche, floral honey, almond, and balancing herbal qualities from the Sterling. $6(0.5L) $11(1L)
Blender Guava Passionfruit: Berliner Weisse 5.0% Blender Guava Passionfruit is brewed with malted wheat and conditioned on huge amounts of pink guava and passionfruit. Big flavors of tropical fruit punch and rustic grain. $8(12oz)

Blender Bramble:
Berliner Weisse 5.0% Blender Bramble is brewed with malted wheat and conditioned on huge amounts of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Huge mixed berry flavors hit you up front, with notes of strawberry rhubarb pie and mixed berry cobbler, with a soft wheat finish. Free of pulp and lactose. $8(12oz)