American Pale Ale 5.9%

Canopy is our American Pale Ale brewed with Pilsner and white wheat. Hopped with two varieties of American hops. Notes of peach, apricot, and grapefruit. $15 per 4-pack.



Oktoberfest-style lagerbier 5.7% 

Brewed with large amounts of dark Munich malt as well as other specialty malts, and balanced with noble hop varieties. Notes of toffee pudding, dark fruit, raisin cereal, and cider doughnuts.

$15 per 4-pack


Blender Rollup

Berliner Weisse 5.0%

Blender Rollup is a Berliner Weisse hopped with Mosaic and conditioned on massive amounts of strawberries, peach, and cherry. Big flavors of old school fruit rollups, strawberry-cherry shortcake, and peach nectar. 

$23 per 4-pack.


***Please note that there is a large amount of fruit in this beer, and these cans must remain cold at all times.***


Cloudscape IPA 6.5% 

Cloudscape is brewed with malted and flaked wheat. Hopped with generous amounts of one of our favorite American varieties. Notes of grapefruit and melon with a fluffy wheat finish.

$16 per 4-pack.


Double Cloud DIPA 8.0%

Double Cloud is brewed with white wheat malt, flaked wheat, and flaked oats. Super saturated with one of our favorite American hop varieties. A fluffy citrus creamsicle. 

$18 per 4-pack



Barrel Aged Sour Ale w/ passionfruit and Citra hops 6.2%


Neutral French oak barrels containing mixed fermentation saison were selected based on tropical notes, acidity, tannin, and complexity. The resulting blend was conditioned on lots of the finest Hawaiian passionfruit we could find. A light dry hop of Citra adds herbal complexity and more tropical flavor. Bottles were conditioned for many months to produce natural carbonation. We are extremely pleased with how this batch came out!

$20 per 750ml bottle



Barrel Aged Sour Ale

w/ Cherries 6.3%

For this project, we blended three different barrels between one and two years of age to produce a flavor profile that would complement the beautiful Montmorency cherries that this beer was aged upon. Quite tart with notes of lush cherry pie, complex farmhouse funk, and cranberry juice.

$20 per 750mL bottle 

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 11.16.53 AM.png


Barrel Aged Sour Ale w/ Strawberries 6.3%

Back in July of 2021 we processed 300 lb of Glastonbury strawberries and added them to a special blend of three different saison barrels, ranging from one to three years in age. Barrels were carefully selected based on balanced acidity, tannin, and wild yeast character. Secondary fermentation on the strawberries produced a dry, bright, and complex beer with the taste and aroma of fresh strawberries.

$20 per 750ml bottle

2022-03-13 scarlet-11.jpg


Barrel Aged Sour Ale

w/ Raspberries & Blackberries 6.3%

Scarlett is a blend of three different mixed-fermentation barrels ranging from 1 to 2 years in age. A small portion of stainless fermented beer was also added. We conditioned the blend on 350lbs of raspberries and blackberries from Hadley, MA. We get notes of raspberry seeds, wet rock, smarties, and blackberry lemonade.

$20 per 750mL bottle